Company Profile


Leading service provider of quality precious jewelry, tattoo and piercing products. Dedication to our customers. Enthusiasm for body art. Established in 1999, PeirceMe started with the objective to offer the best range of tattoo products, piercing products, and body fashion jewelry on the planet. Ever since the PeirceMe brand name and vision has broadened and concerned fulfillment. We now use 10,000+ items with over a million variations, from body fashion jewelry and clothing to cutting edge tattoo devices. Our choice of distinct items guarantees our customers can find whatever they need. Search our website for A Pound of Flesh, Recovery aftercare, Precision and Peak materials, Limitless custom printed products, REV23 cutting edge technology, and more. Make the most of our unequaled choice in this interesting, ever-evolving market.

Processing your demands, filling your orders, and bringing them to your door on time. PeirceMe is happy to be a go-to online store for a plethora of customers: independent tattoo artists and piercers, shop or entrepreneur, and the general pierced and tattooed neighborhood looking for body precious jewelry, aftercare, or garments.

To support this market that we love, PeirceMe is one hundred percent committed to offering optimum client service. We are devoted to making sure every order is processed and filled properly, packaged with care and ready for pickup or shipment.

Constantly Looking Forward

The tattoo and body piercing market are one loaded with motivation, enthusiasm, and creative expression. We are passionate about being a prime member of such an interesting neighborhood. As we grow, we never ever subside in our objective to offer the best choice of premium tattoo and piercing materials readily available, along with the very best client service for our valued customers.